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It didn't matter now though, because my goal was far different.I would not only have my revenge and my grade change, I would break her of that attitude and have my own little slut. I had seen her out alone trolling the bars where she thought that no one she knew would recognize her.It actually looked very hot against her slender throat, and a stark contrast to her nakedness.She also wore a sirik made of elegant yet unbreakable silver chain. I couldn't resist running my hand over the smoothness of her perfect breast, then digging my thumbnail hard into her nipple.

That's when the idea hit me, and I had plenty of time to plan a week for her she would never forget. My head was quickly clearing, mystified by the messages my brain was getting.Besides being alone and naked, I wanted her to wake up with a hint of what was in store for her.A shiny steel collar that she could not remove would catch her attention.The same club I was sitting in right now and where Kelli would spend the whole week.They told me that some women were truly submissive and didn't know it.

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