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Other sentencing decisions were also pointed to as being too lenient, such as two high-profile cases involving youths charged with distributing child pornography related to a photograph of a young woman engaged in explicit sexual activity, which was circulated without her knowledge or consent.

In these cases, the committee noted the judge used stern language with the accused, saying he showed "utter contempt" for the young woman, her dignity, her self-respect and her privacy.

There will also be screenings of 182 live action and animated shorts.

A stellar line-up of directors, cast and crew are expected to take part in career interviews, Screen Talks, Q&As and a new programme of Industry Talks: LFF Connects.

Hoskins, Dalhousie University political science professor Katherine Fierlbeck and R.

Audiences across the UK can enjoy the Festival via simultaneous screenings in their local cinemas.

"The test for judicial misconduct has not been met," the decision stated.

"No outcome other than dismissal of the complaints is warranted to maintain the confidence of the reasonable, dispassionate and informed public, who are fully appraised of the fundamental legal principles at play in the criminal justice system." The independent committee, made up of Judge Frank P.

Regarding his comment that a drunk can consent, the committee found that "a reasonably informed person would not conclude that the use of the impugned phrase in this context could lead to a finding of judicial misconduct." Still, the committee said the use of "ill-considered words" by a judge can undermine the public's confidence as much as the reality of proven bias.

For example, Lenehan's request to a mother breastfeeding her infant son "to take that out of the courtroom" may have been better phrased and explained at the time, the decision said. may have benefited from more careful and contextual reflection," the decision said.

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