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In Sub-Saharan Africa, the prevalence of HIV in CSWs is estimated at 36.9%,1 much higher than in other regions of the world.2A systematic review by Platt 2 found a higher prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in immigrant CSWs.In addition, immigrant CSWs from Africa have a higher prevalence of HIV infection than CSWs from other regions, in accordance with the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in many African countries.CSWs were aware of the higher risk of STI associated with their occupation.They identified condoms as the best preventive method and used them during intercourse with clients.Objective This study aimed to determine in detail the risk perception of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, and the contextual circumstances, in Nigerian commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Barcelona.Methods A phenomenological study was carried out with Nigerian CSWs in Barcelona.

The United Nations programme indicates that efforts to reduce transmission of HIV in CSWs have been insufficient, as reflected by the high prevalence in this group.

From a population that was mainly local, it has changed so that a large percentage of its current inhabitants (∼56.5%) are immigrants from Northern Africa and South East Asia.

Sex workers on the streets of the Raval are increasingly becoming the focus of attention.

Conclusions Nigerian CSWs are a vulnerable group because of their poor socioeconomic status.

The perception of risk in this group and their preventive behaviours are based on personal determinants, beliefs and experiences from their home country and influences from the host country.

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