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This, according to an interview she gave to something called She It's just so funny that, when people don't know, they just make stuff up, [like], apparently I'm dating Tom Cruise right now.And apparently he doesn't want me doing the show because I portray a lesbian and I'm a Scientologist. Except for being a Scientologist, she was not denying that.Tom Cruise blockbusters have always been Tom Cruise movies first and foremost, which hasn't often left a lot of room for his female co-stars to shine.

So, anyway, yeah: At this point I legit don't know anything else about Cameron Diaz except that I don't really want to know anything else about Cameron Diaz. Online]Last week, the terribly believable rumor that Tom Cruise had snared Laura Prepon as his next bride-victim spread through the internet like particularly clingy thetans. She's a statuesque, reasonably popular actress who, unlike Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes before her, had the added advantage of already being a Scientologist.They've played the roles of arm-candy, girls Friday, spouses fretting at home, even the occasional villainess/femme fatale.But since 1999 — when he made , aside from poor Dakota Fanning and her safe-space issues.The cultural implications of the film were always a little troubling, and are nicely summed up by Koyuki's role as Taka, a woman newly widowed by Algren who is nonetheless caring for him after the samurai take him prisoner.There's nothing too romantic going on outside of a parting kiss, but the whole thing is still a little creepy. itself — a big ol' black hole near the end of the Aughts for both Tom Cruise and director Bryan Singer — much less Van Houten's role in it.

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Otto sure fits the mold for the Tom Cruise female lead in the last 15 years, though.

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