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You begin to get a sense of the scope of New Chronology, the "empirico-statistical" theory that much of human history is a fiction assembled to serve the powerful.Can you recall your middle-school social studies lessons?How, at some willowy point in your 11th or 12th year, you learned that recorded history begins with the appearance of writing?There were the Mesopotamians with their cuneiform scripts; the Egyptians' hieroglyphs and demotic scrawls; and later, the Greeks and Romans, whose societies form the backbone, for better or worse, of our own—if only because they kept such meticulous records.and to promote the orderly arrangements of social life." The murkiness of humanity's timeline is an age-old problem; absent a solution, society itself cannot function.Entire religious schisms turn on how church fathers set the dates for certain biblical events. But until science became—well, a —a certain imprecision was baked into the effort."Chronologers have sometimes doubled the persons of men," Newton argued, "and by such corruptions they have exceedingly perplexed Ancient History." The Greeks mixed goddess Io with the Egyptian goddess Isis; the Romans lost most of their chronicles to fires set by the Gauls; the Persian timeline of rulers made no sense; and how could the great Egyptian city of Memphis have existed before Homer's day, if Homer never mentioned it?As a result, Newton's own countrymen were adrift, uncertain of their own location in human history: "The moved the English a little closer to antiquity.

Newton's contribution, , and a just Observation on the course of Nature, assisting other parts of Learning to illustrate Antiquity; and a Penetration and Sagacity peculiar to the great Author, dispelling that Mist, with which Fable and Error had darkened it.In doing so, they grafted recent occurrences onto earlier dates—sometimes unwittingly, sometimes perniciously—thus creating numerous "historical duplicates." History appears to repeat itself, Fomenko suggests, because it is thoroughly plagiarized.In his chronology, the events of the New Testament those of the Old Testament—and in any case, most of the stories are concocted to reflect later incidents.Paul, the early church fathers, and even the gospels themselves were all concocted in the 1500s by Benedictine monks.Christ and the apostles were wholesale fictions, as was "all English history before the end of the fifteenth century." And, as one of his chapter titles put it, "An Imaginary Period Has Been Created and Called the ' Middle Ages'": The whole era from 700 to about 1400 never actually happened.

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Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece were fashioned by Renaissance writers and artists (the time of the Pharoahs, Fomenko suggests, may have lasted into the 1700s).

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