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It was deemed advisable to let go the second anchor, which was neglected by the Captain.We were then in 8 fathoms of water with less than 30 :fathoms of chain, and about 3 o”clock on the evening of the 19th she parted from the anchor, the chain breaking. Shortly after (at 4 o’clock), she struck on the rocks, in a dreadful surf. I remained till her lower deck was forced up to the upper one.

The voyage was a tremendous trial of endurance for the mothers.

Pentland, the Supercargo, Mr Onge, Dublin, Captain Moriarty, his wife, child and two friends of his – steerage passengers, Captain Clements’ wife and two children, Mr. ” We had only five hands on board that knew anything about seamanship, and three of them were as great villains as could be met with.

They were picked up in Cove, as the crew that shipped on board in Dublin left her in Cove.

There were a few crates of fowls and eggs, as a special treat. Neighbours came to bid them farewell, bringing gifts that they hoped would be useful.

Young men, feeling the stir of adventure, called to note all the preparations.

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