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Meanwhile, at Ben Faulkner's construction site, Detective Murphy's officers are in the process of digging up the body of Alejandro Perez. The two detectives stare down at semi-concealed body buried deep under ground.On Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle is deciding on which dress to wear at Mike's funeral service.Mason José Zúniga - Detective Heredia Michael Dempsey - Detective Murphy Ned Schmidtke - Reverend Lawson with Andrea Parker - Jane Carlson and Lupe Ontiveros - Juanita "Mama" Solis On the day of the funeral of Mike Delfino, each of the ladies thinks back on how he had affected their lives.Meanwhile, believing that the investigation died with Chuck Vance, Bree is stunned when she is called in for questioning about the murder of Gabrielle's stepfather, Alejandro. We see Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle all dealing with some of their daily issues - Bree is annoyed with her paper-boy's dodgy aim, Lynette can't seem to get her dryer to work, and Gabrielle is frustrated with her daughter's slipping school grades.At the party Kim Fischer, also in a cocktail dress, leads the gang member to the bedroom where Jane tells him that the art on the wall is fake and he is in software.At the end of the party the gang member leaves after opening a rear entrance for his boss. He identifies all the art as stolen and guesses that Jane, Lisbon and the others are in town to steal a painting called "Violets" by Manet.

Teri Hatcher - Susan Delfino Felicity Huffman - Lynette Scavo Marcia Cross - Bree Van de Kamp Eva Longoria - Gabrielle Solis Vanessa Williams - Renee Perry Ricardo Antonio Chavira - Carlos Solis Doug Savant - Tom Scavo Charles Mesure - Ben Faulkner with Brenda Strong - Mary Alice Young and James Denton - Mike Delfino Andrea Bowen - Julie Mayer Rebecca Wisocky - Mrs.

Agent Marcus Pike briefs the team, and Jane says that he needs some art.

Pike shows Jane and Lisbon the FBI's collection of recovered art, the recovery of which has not been made public.

Carlos reveals that he is wearing an Indianapolis Colts football t-shirt under his suit, as a tribute to Mike's adoration for the team.

Carlos reminds Gaby that Mike had always suggested he go with him to Indianapolis to watch a game, but he was too busy being a busy executive - helping rich people get richer.

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