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Too, as the film’s co-writer she demonstrates ample talent for creating meta narratives that at times remind one of a lo-fi Charlie Kaufman, even if they never reach his heady heights.If the dialogue was actually scripted, Yi might yet find herself as a major player in Hollywood, perhaps a female variant on Mike White. Jasnovec, who clearly has a thing for Yi, pushes the Cera angle onto the story because he sees a chance to get an honest to god movie star in his little documentary, but Yi and Cera resist. Soon she meets Cera and the two begin an awkward romance.And the third act has a nice little twist on the reality/fiction angle that reminds me of some silent European art films I watched in film school.Not only is this movie sweet and funny, it’s also fascinating on a technical level, and in modern comedy, that’s sort of a miracle.By this point you’re either on the Michael Cera bandwagon or you’re not.If you’re not there is a very small chance that you will make it through this film’s running time.

While I personally found her oddly charming her mannerisms and monotone voice seem almost autistic at times.The DVD also boasts a slew of special features including: Paper Heart Uncut (7 minutes) The Making of Paper Heart (11 minutes) Live Musical Performances (6 minutes) Music Video (2 minutes) Love Interviews (26 minutes) Deleted Scenes (31 minutes) And Trailers The first two featurettes are basically for fans only. It shows some of the fictional elements and some of the real elements which help to dissect the film if that angle interests you. They feature a bunch of hip comedians bouncing off of Yi and telling stories about their first loves.The first is Yi botching interviews and giggling at a very high pitch. The music stuff is mostly just Yi messing around on guitar. It’s good stuff, but it feels like they changed direction dramatically from the finished film. And here’s where things get interesting — Yi is playing Yi and Cera is playing Cera, but Jasenovec is played by Jake M. It appears that the on the street interviews are real, but most of the film is certainly scripted. The tension eventually threatens to tear the budding relationship apart and derail the documentary completely.

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