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A gay woman with two children, she was visibly angry about the tone of the debate."The Australian Christian Lobby described our children as the stolen generation," she said."We love our children and I object, as do every person who cares about children, and as do all those couples in this country, same-sex couples who have kids, to be told our children are a stolen generation."You talk about unifying moments? It is exposing our children to that kind of hatred."She slammed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for not intervening when those comments were made."I wouldn't mind so much if you were prepared to speak out on it.If the Prime Minister were prepared to stand up and say 'that is wrong'," she said.Mitch, a Christian leader in his church and community, occasionally dons a disguise and drives to a topless bar on the outskirts of town; and Tammy, who uses her company laptop to view porn while traveling, tells herself this is better than hanging out in the hotel lobby bar and running the risk of an actual affair.Each has asked the same questions: If I'm a Christian, why do I still do this? While God perfectly capable of miraculously delivering us from our sexual addictions, this isn't usually how the process works.There will be a chance for Parliament to vote later this year, but there is no guarantee that will happen and MPs will not be bound by the result of the postal survey.Mr Wilkie said the group had legal advice that the Government had exceeded its executive powers by bypassing Parliament.

In response, Hammond replied, “If Jordan gets fired from [the Young Turks] then it’s all over.

After all, how can we "take thoughts captive" unless we acknowledge the true nature of those thoughts and seek to fully understand where they come from?

How can we break free from their bondage if we ignore the grip they have on us?

Even [Young Turks host] Jimmy Dore would be an idiot to stick with him if the allegations were strong enough.” At one point in the chat, Hammond suggested, “You know why people believe shit about [Harvey] Weinstein?

Cause 55,000 people accused him and came out about it,” and added, “We have to have at least 5 people.” Chiakulas replied, “With [George] Takei it only took 1.” But it is also possible the accuser, a former Truth Against the Machine (TATM) employee, was uncertain her story would be believed if she was the only person alleging misconduct.

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