Chat rooms monitoring cybersex and foul language

"Bozo filters" automatically reject messages from offensive senders.

Programs can scan all incoming text and 'X'-out words and phrases that the user specifies as being objectionable.

In the future, the researchers say that CATT could also be used to teach undercover officers to better portray underage victims online by revealing constantly changing factors like language, emojis, and acronyms.

“This will be a free tool for law enforcement, and we ask that agencies who are interested in testing our tool reach out to us this summer,” Seigfried-Spellar said.

There’s a new weapon in the war against sex offenders preying on unwitting child victims online — and it comes in teh form of a smart algorithm.

Created by researchers from Purdue University, the artificial intelligence-powered Chat Analysis Triage Tool (CATT) is designed to help law enforcement more easily discover instances of grooming online.

Because of the sheer amount of conversation that takes place on the internet, it aims to do a job that would be impossible to carry out without an entire army of dedicated humans: To monitor online conversations and highlight instances in which adults are behaving in a suspiciously inappropriate way.

“CATT analyzes the chats between minors and different types of child sex offenders, specifically offenders [who aim to] meet up with minors for sex in the real world, and fantasy-driven offenders [interested in] cybersex fantasy,” Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, assistant professor of computer and information technology at Purdue, told Digital Trends.

Legislative and regulatory bodies should consider carefully the implications of attempting to use technology as an excuse for attacking First Amendment freedoms.Schools could choose site names that include "K12" as part of their names.Then, sysops of adult sites could easily reject access requests from such user IDs and site names.Furthermore, what may be inappropriate for one group is crucial for another group.Technological Solutions There are problems with cybersex - most of them related to children.

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