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I've been hitting a creative wall coming up with new freaky questions." (especially fun when you ask chicks) "If you were a brand of industrial lubricant, which one would you be?Contestant 1 - Wouldn't take me long i am queen of licking Contestant 2 - Whats up with the bestiality?The Dating Game was a television show that was aired back in the 60s.I need fairly short questions to ask in the game ('You're drinking a bloody mary when you find a human embryo in it.

Which do you feed your cat - spinach or fingernails?


can't read or dress himself so try to be nice to him.

Contestant 1 - left the game Contestant 2 - wd40 Contestant 3 - left the game I gave up at this point, no fun with only one player Which serial killer do you most identify with?

I am passionate about what I do - content writing and blogging services.

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  1. love being outdoors - hiking swimming the whole lot! I like opera and classical music, cinema, reading, hiking and drawing among others. I have to say that although i love cinema, I never really got into tv shows, so I can't talk much about that.