A person’s tier level does NOT have any effect on whether the person is subject to the 2,000 ft law, how long they are required to register, or any other element of sex offender registration.The infrastructure costs involved – running phone cables, for example – are enormous, and more a function of land area than population.Despite the brutal hardship of the next few years, couples still found ways to escape the drudgery of the time -- once dating started, it couldn't be stopped.Call it Gatsby Fever if you like, but there's no stopping it these days -- from the lavish theme parties to the art deco weddings to themed dinner soirees, our interest in the Roaring '20s is reaching full-blown-obsession status.

And what better way to foster romance than in a car?

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Here's a look at some of the biggest cultural events that shaped dating in the Gatsby-era.

In 1919, Prohibition began with the passage of the 18th Amendment, and lasted until its repeal in 1933.

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