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Was Leah, my daughter, right in telling me I was crazy? Why would you want to go back to New York at your age? Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,990 | Tags: two virgins brown nipples wild libido skin-to-skin mid-seventies wrinkled | 2 Comments An older man helps a young woman get off the streets. We stood together at the holiday party buffet table watching my seven-months-pregnant wife talking to some other cousins ten or twelve feet away from us.

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There's nothing like sex with an older partner to get up to speed with the finer arts involved in love making. The sooner you drink it, the fresher it is -Grandma Kelly Sorry, I don’t know where to begin.Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.65 | Words: 1,919 | Tags: cuckold cunnilingus anilingus fellatio intercourse | 11 Comments Shyloh led a full life. Last year I decided it was time to break all the fuckin’ rules. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.33 | Words: 2,361 | Tags: oral anal stimulation penetration mother and daughter pregnant woman | 3 Comments My boyfriend's father finds us fucking and makes me a proposition I can't refuse.. | 26 Comments Her excitable pink nipples were almost crying out, 'Look at us! With her dress flats in her large bag and a good pair of walking shoes. Besides, the tram was always overcrowded on rainy days. I was staring at a vaguely familiar, very mature prim and proper looking lady. The line at the funeral parlor led out the front door, around the side, and down the street for three blocks and was composed primarily of men who had come to pay their respects. My boyfriend Mike and I were fucking in Mike's bedroom when his father came home early and found us in the middle of a fuck. Once, too many times, a stranger had groped her backside. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.88 | Words: 3,031 | Tags: san fransisco summer rain | 17 Comments Son finds out his dad cheated and fucks dad's mistress. So, you’d see these old couples around the place, the guys looking exhausted by the sun, but before that by their career and by life itself. She hadn't told Paul, but she and May had gone to Ann’s Professor where the tests were carried out. Mike had pulled out immediately and pulled the covers over us to cover our nudity. We had moved to Shawnee Mission, Kansas when I was ten years old. And, at their side would be a nice, tidy woman, cruising through... Everyone was happy, especially Pam who was over the moon. Paul was also pleased as both Ann and Jean were very intelligent women. Ann had a long chat with Paul, and they had agreed that their child would have the... We both thought he was going to read the riot act to us. Read On Added: | Category: Mature | Avg Score: 4.98 | Words: 9,401 | Tags: father son oral fucking. Now she puts rubber booties over her sneakers and walks to work.

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