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I was not a fan of “Dancing With the Stars,” and I didn’t know she had also been on Fox's “So You Think You Can Dance.” Two weeks after our first visit, she hosted a ward activity in her home on a Sunday night.She and I talked for two hours afterward and have been friends ever since.That desire remained throughout her time in Hollywood.

I met Hightower a year ago when we both moved into the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City.I listened that night as she talked about realizing that she couldn't handle the demands of her career on her own and how she came to understand that the Savior's "yoke is easy" and his "burden is light," as it says in Matthew .Hightower's dance career began when she was 9 and her family moved into the boundaries of the only elementary school in the United States with a ballroom dance program. that I was meant to be in that ballroom program, and I was meant to find dance,” Hightower said.I need that strength, and I need the Atonement and God in my life to be able to do what I’m doing, and I had this really clear vision that God had given me all of this.” However, over time, Hightower began to feel tired.“Being in LA for so long, after a while, it starts to wear on you, and it starts to wear on your perspective of what’s important and what’s not,” Hightower said.

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"Consistently, dance is what gave me this drive and what helped me to better myself." Still, as a teenager, she wrestled with whether she wanted to make dance a career.

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