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Michelle arrives at the Rovers where Aidan is propping up the bar.

Erica tells her he's about to go on a date with Sarah.

Craig's trying to talk to Caitlin on the phone but Kirk and Beth keep interrupting.

Beth really oversteps the mark when she grabs the phone off Craig and invites Caitlin to come round for her tea.

Tim offers to help Sally take off her soup-stained clothes but Sally says the only dirty thing he's going to be doing this afternoon are her windows. He's worried she's still a mess but Sarah insists she's moved on and suggests he does the same.

Audrey has just finished doing Sarah's hair when Billy comes in for a trim. Sarah heads off up the street as Kylie then comes out to speak to David.

He's worried that if she drinks too much tonight she could spill the beans to Aidan. An order's turned up at the Bistro but it's all wrong.

Kirk's dead excited he's only ever had frozen Chicken Kiev out of a packet before.

It seems that Dee has nominated him for this year's "Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award".

Now that his Mum's invited Caitlin round for tea Craig's decided to push the boat out and make Chicken Kiev.

Kate and Sally walk past discussing the inappropriate way newsreaders dress nowadays.

Kirk and Beth come along next on their way to the factory.

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Eileen asks Michael if he's feeling ok, is there a problem with his heart?

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