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Some relatively wealthy countries are actually declining in population.The move from agriculture to manufacturing/technology has been a big factor in slowing population growth in industrialized countries.With the Flood at about 4,500 years ago, it needs less than 0.5% per year growth. Of course, population growth has not been constant.There is reasonably good evidence that growth has been slow at times—such as in the Middle Ages in Europe.Since the Flood, after which the world population was eight, the world population has doubled every 155 years, or grown at an average of 0.45% per year. The figures agree because the real history of the world is recorded in the Bible.There is agreement between the growth rates for the two populations. Evolutionists claim that mankind evolved from apes about a million years ago.Farmers needed to have sons to help with the farm work.

If there were just one million people alive during that time, with an average generation time of 25 years, they should have buried 4 billion bodies, and many artefacts.

If we assume that they had the same number of daughters, then they averaged 10.7 children per couple.

In the next generation, Shem had 14 grandsons, Ham, 28 and Japheth, 23, or 130 children in total. These figures are consistent with God’s command to (Genesis 9:1).

Let us take the average of all births in the first two post-Flood generations as 8.53 children per couple.

The average age at which the first son was born in the seven post-Flood generations in Shem’s line ranged from 35 to 29 years (Genesis –24), with an average of 31 years, so a generation time of 40 years is reasonable.

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However, data from the Bible (Genesis 10,11) shows that the population grew quite quickly in the years immediately after the Flood.

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