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The low relief and gentle slopes of the region also make it unlikely that the erratic boulders have rolled over, except at the time of initial emplacement as ice melted beneath them.The quartzite that composes the erratics is extremely tough and resistant with little evidence of spalling along bedding planes.

The two erratics that yielded ages in excess of the Late Wisconsinan have ages that fall within a period during which there was no glaciation known as the Middle Wisconsinan.

2 m) of these blocks make it unlikely that the present surface of an erratic was exposed to cosmic radiation prior to falling from a mountain side onto passing ice.

If one side of a block had been exposed in the cliff face, then the chances range between about 0.17 and 0.50 (for blocky and equant erratics and tabular erratics, respectively) that the pre-exposed side would be the present upper surface.

The surface one to two metres of rock shield underlying rock from most types of cosmic radiation.

When rock is plucked by a glacier from below this depth range and subsequently deposited on the surface, it begins to accumulate chlorine-36 produced by the cosmic radiation.

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