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The art of the Paleolithic period came to a sudden and complete end before the Neolithic era; it was utterly wiped out in Europe.

The Neolithic Aryans have left few artistic remains; the surviving figures are predominantly female depictions.

Occultism is, therefore, the study of the hidden, dissolving the diabolical implications of the term.

Through anthropological research, one can trace the line of horned god prototypes back to Paleolithic times.

It seems evident from the relative position of all the figures that the man is dominant and that he is in the act of performing a ceremony.

Though the stag-man cave drawing is the most important of the horned figures found in this early period of Northern Europe, there were many other smaller drawings of masked and horned men found on objects of bone and antler.

Polytheism appears to have arisen among the Aryan cultures, East and West, with the amalgamation of tribes, each with its own gods.

(It has been suggested by the Templar’s that the name Portugal was derived from “Port-O-Grail”, meaning “Port of the Grail”) Today, Spain continues to carry on that ancient practice with its trademark bull fights that harken back to the bull traditions and ceremonies of Minoan Crete.

The lost Atlantean metropolis of Tartessus is believed to have existed not far off of the coast of Spain.

At every seaport used by the Atlantean shipping merchants from the northwest coast of Europe all the way down to what was once Minoan Crete, the bull is still celebrated and held in high esteem even to this day.

The Atlanteans, towards the close of their era, were strongly made up of Iberian racial stock.

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