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But, because of our brain’s response, romance can become an addiction.

Feasting on “emotional porn” such as romance novels, chick flicks, and sexually themed TV shows sets us up for unrealistic expectations in our real-life relationships.

Verse 20 says that those seven years were “like a few days to him because of his great love for her.” Although Jacob’s story continued with deception, heartache, and frustration for everyone, his romance with Rachel is not condemned in Scripture.

However, romance got Samson into trouble when he let his emotions rule him.

Although it contains harsh imagery and warnings about God’s judgment, the Bible is also filled with creative expressions of love between human beings and God (Psalm 42:1–2; Jeremiah 31:3).With that description in mind, it is easy to see why love and romance are not necessarily the same.The Bible gives several examples of couples who experienced romantic love and the results of those romances.Researchers estimate that the human brain can only sustain that intense “in love” feeling for a maximum of two years.Ideally, a couple has worked on deepening their love and commitment during that time so that, when the intense feelings of being “in love” taper off, a deeper love takes its place.

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