Clamshell dynamically accommodating

Top and bottom exposure can be used for viewing, labeling, printing, or bar code reading as product moves along the conveyor, eliminating the need for a second piece of equipment to allow bottom viewing.

Adjustable Side Rails are now available for new or existing Dyna Con® conveyors from Dynamic Conveyors.

The MTS Model 653 family of furnaces supports the high-temperature testing of materials ranging from metals and composites to ceramics.

They are ideally suited for tension, compression, bend and cyclic fatigue evaluations at up to 1000˚C.

As an integrated part of Impact MFG, our photographer is always in sync with each partner's brand strategy.

This empowers our photographers to create brand-consistent images that effectively communicate a product's unique features to the target market.

Each furnace is also designed to accommodate MTS high-temperature axial extensometers.

Other key features include: MTS Landmark Test Systems integrate the latest in servohydraulic technology, Flex Test® controls, application software and accessories to enable fatigue life studies, fracture growth studies, and tension, bending and compression tests for a wide range of components and materials.

The new Dyna Con Split Belt Conveyor from Dynamic Conveyor accommodates products for both top and bottom exposure.

When commissioning Impact to handle your photography, the images we produce will be exclusive for you.

Images bought from a photographic library will only be exclusive for the specific area you have bought a license for.

We utilize top dynamic imaging applications to deliver your product images on time and on budget.

In doing so, we save you the time and cost of integrating image functionalities.

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