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Among other reasons students may cite, active learning often...

Introductions and icebreakers; helping students cover a lot of material (e.g., sharing what they learned from readings); starting class discussion¬; allowing all students to speak without taking a lot of class time. Each person interviews the other, with questions provided by the instructor. Effects of small-group learning on undergraduates in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology: A meta-analysis.

This was used as an alternative to going out and drinking and as an educational program.

Then each of the other group members has two minutes to share ideas about possible solutions. Cooperative learning: Theory, research and practice.

The idea is that everyone who is interested contributes a recipe for one of their favorite foods that they look forward to eating once they go back home- a family favorite if […] Description: This has been done a bunch of times around campus and is a great idea!

It works for us because we are in an urban setting.

Then use a dream dictionary (sometimes the library will have one) and for every letter of the alphabet pick out one thing and write it on construction paper with it’s meaning.

[…] List of ways to show others you care about them: suppport them through difficult times do things that they like to do spend time with them attend sports and performance events in which they are a participant call them for no reason be happy to see them listen check on them when they are sick be honest remember their birthday give hugs leave them surprises be honest […] Description: watched a show I recorded on discovery channel about the murder in Waco texas and conducted a educational program with discussion afterwards.

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