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When these guns were in production, Colt recommended using such loads in "moderation".

A steady diet of P loads, though unlikely to blow the gun up, will eventually loosen the gun up, and make it go out of time.

It is arguable, whether or not any of these features add to the utility, or effectiveness of the piece; but they certainly add to it's luster.

Handguns being what they are, it doesn't hurt to have a revolver which feels just a bit special to the owner, and adds just that extra touch of comfort, if not confidence. This is Colt's small frame, and is the same frame on which the Police Positive is built, the Detective Special having gotten it's start as a cut down Police Positive.

This is the stereotypical "snubbie" revolver, and probably the best of the breed.

Like all Colt revolvers, the fit and finish are impeccable. This gun has always been considered to be the premium snub nose which is, unfortunately, reflected in it's price.

This allows for slightly better concealment and ease of carry than that afforded by the more standard size revolvers, while still permitting a full six shots, as opposed to the compact J frame Smiths.

For the hand loader, a maximum load with a fast burning powder like Bullseye is probably the best bet.Perversely, the Colt cylinder release needs to be pulled back, as opposed to that of the S&W and most other revolvers which is pushed forward.In addition, the cylinder of the Colt turns clockwise, as opposed to that of the S&W and most other revolvers which turn counterclockwise. There have been four different series of these guns, since their introduction in 1927.The S&W shown in the photo is of stainless construction.This is something which was not offered on the Detective Special until the introduction of the short lived DS II, in 1993. This is a carbon alloy framed gun, and so can handle some use of P loads, although regular use of them is not recommended.

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