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Many people believe a good relationship is one where no one fights. Of course I don’t believe that picking fights, or constant disagreement, makes for hopeful partnerships, but I do believe that with healthy conflict comes resolution—and that is the mark of a solid relationship. If two people are focused on solving their problems and resolving conflicts, they are off to a positive start. Those are clear markers of a bad relationship, and if you are in the midst of any of those experiences, please seek help and get yourself out of the situation.

I’ll start by saying that I’m obviously not talking about toxic behavior, abuse or neglect.

They realize their relationship is more important than the problem.

In fact, you will miss most of your partner’s bids for emotional connection out of mindlessness. Even a mother who failed to be responsive and available 50 percent of the time can raise a child to be a healthy adult who has healthy relationships.

According to psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, the difference between “good mothers and bad mothers is not the omission of errors but .” How a child copes with everyday failures and fluctuations is directly related to the degree in which their parent creates an environment for a secure attachment bond and how that parent repairs their errors.

If you are disrespectful, rude, and distant to each other, then your repair attempts will fail.

It’s the quality of the friendship that matters most in repairing the relationship when things go wrong.

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