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I have had a number of guys give me their full names and I found out that they were much older than they said after googling them. I get that maybe he checks his personal account more often than a dating sight as a legitimate reason, but.....

I will stay on the cautious side and email from my no name hotmail account.thanks,k.

He had a picture on it which was the same one he was using on here.

On his profile, he stated that he was curious about being with another man.

In the past, I have found out men who said they were divorced on their profiles were actually still legally married.

Now, the information on Spokeo is not always accurate.

Well I can't respond to his email even a if I wanted to.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... This is the age of smart phones and Wifi everywhere.I know this because some of the info Ive found on myself there is wrong, but only because it is not updated that often.But it is a great starting point if you have any concerns..sayin'I just think it is kind of soon to ask me to email him at his personal account. I have a hotmail account that I signed up for and just put my last initial not my name and a different first name.My concern is if I send him an email, he will get my info.Not from the hotmail account though, he will just get a first initial.

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