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Similar forces seem to be at play for many students in their decisions to drop out of school.In hindsight, adults who dropped out almost universally express regret.The youngest age at which students are now allowed to leave school is 16 (although often with some exceptions), which is the case in 21 states.

The laws have been around for many decades—in some cases, for more than a century—and they have been updated periodically, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing the time, depending on the particular needs and desires of each state.

On average, a dropout earns less money, is more likely to be in jail, is less healthy, is less likely to be married, and is unhappier than a high-school graduate.

Yet dropout rates in the United States have remained mostly unchanged, at roughly 30%, during the past three decades.

Labor-market outcomes remain bleak throughout life. Dropouts aged 50 earn an average of .50 an hour and are most commonly employed in construction, food services, and truck transportation. For example, 33% of recent female dropouts have given birth as a teenager, 13% of male and female dropouts are separated or divorced, 32% report being unhealthy, and 22% report being unhappy, according to data from the 2005–2010 waves of the General Social Survey, which is considered a reliable indicator of societal trends.

Several studies also link a region’s proportion of dropouts to its overall prosperity.

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As President Barack Obama said in his 2012 State of the Union address: “When students don’t walk away from their education, more of them walk the stage to get their diploma.

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