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The old stereotype of a sugar mama looking for a fling with a boy toy seems to be dying.

This is the Demi-Ashton world, after all: over-40 women often exercise, use botox, take consummate care of themselves and create a youthfulness and vitality that belies their physical age.

She also shares with us her practical dating tips for younger men and women, and gives us a really fun and interesting perspective on relationships.

Many over-40 women don't mind being called "cougars" but they are redefining cougar dating.

Even if they earn more money than the guy, they expect him to pay his way-to cover dinner or at least split the check.

The new cougars want to date younger guys who are romantic, chivalrous and, best of all, relatively free of the emotional baggage from the past.

The original cougar -- Cougar Annie -- was 72 years old, and advertised for her husband (her 4th, who was about 60) in the local paper, primarily because she needed help running her frontier homestead.

And only 5% of women polled plan to ever return to seeing men their own age.My point is, if we are trying to be progressive with all this discourse on older women with younger men, can't we do it in a way that really benefits women instead of continues to put the same societal pressures on women that have always been there?Not every woman can look like Demi Moore or Courtney Cox Arquette in the show Cougar Town.Older women are much more interesting and they have this confidence that younger women never have.Your post is well-intentioned and I appreciate the point you're making in it.

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However, I've been hearing this term, Cougar, more often and it makes me wonder each time-- what's the equivalent term for men who date/marry younger women in popular culture?

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