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We hit it off, exchanged numbers and chatted every off night.

Found him sitting on the couch doing lines of coke off the coffee table. I don't know what other people are experiencing but that seems like the type of people who are single in Regina. It's like dumpster diving looking for one decent person in the mess of garbage. Talked to many, many, many guys online and found it was easy to weed out losers after awhile. Can you all please share some of the funny, terrifying, creepy stories you have from using tinder, grinder or plenty of fish ect. Im interested to hear also if any of these dating apps have worked for anyone? I look at her pro and it was cool, i message her back. I matched with a girl on POF and she sent me a message.I got comfy, grabbed a brew and sat outside with my aunt and uncle.As im relaxing i get a pic message from her, it was taken from the back of the bus and it shows me at the front.

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