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“We need to invest in our infrastructure,” she said at her birthday party, to cheers. ” While victory is a long shot — the governor enjoys a million war chest, support among unions and other factions, the incumbent bias in underattended primaries, and a 43-point lead in the first poll — it’s not out of the question.

The governor “presents himself as a progressive champion, but really nothing could be farther from the truth,” Nixon told me, credibly delivering the line as though she were saying it for the first time.

“I vote with my heart,” says Michele Baker, who attended the meeting in Hoosick Falls with her daughter. Nixon won my heart.” After all, these are emotional times, and Recent Events have demonstrated that it’s possible for a candidate to surf to victory on a wave of feelings.

“In three weeks,” says Greer, “what started as a kamikaze mission has turned into: boomed the fedora-wearing hype-man at a Chelsea studio whose live audience, wearing going-out tops and earrings and necklaces and lipstick and bedazzled jeans and at least one giant flower pin, was making the most of a rainy Tuesday afternoon while awaiting the appearance of one of the city’s most influential women: Wendy Williams.

Perhaps needless to say, Andrew Cuomo has never been invited to sit on Williams’s pink velour sectional and talk about which celebrities are cheating and which ones have The Secret.

Nor has the governor been asked to place his sturdy loafers in front of the “Shoe Cam,” on which Nixon, arriving for her first television interview, gamely danced in her white snakeskin slingbacks.

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