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Have you never wanted to cuddle with your mother, or with your little sister, or tease your brother just for the heck of it?Our behaviors are not forced, this is who we are, our personality. Others like binkies and sippy cups(I kinda wanna try them too, but not really). None of these are sexualized by them or by the caregivers, they’re just there for comfort, that’s it. And if their cute, dear little is happy, the caregiver is too.People have also been saying that you must be having daddy issues if you want such a relationship. They’ve also been suggesting that the person in question should go to a therapist.That advice is not always with ill intent, but it still upsets me a bit.They may not actually behave like that, but it can give you an idea.)Names like Princess, Kitten, Baby, Babygirl, Sweetheart, Love and others will be used regularly. I hope I didn’t say anything stupid that I seem like a know it all about a subject I don’t know anything about. There are a lot of cases of child sexual abuse, I’ve read an answer from a victim saying we’re disgusting for sexualizing what has happened to them. Child sexual abuse is horrible and we do not sexualize anything like that, including incestual relationships.

I don’t know exact numbers and if what I say now is true, most half if not more of Cg L relationships are not even sexual.

I am answering as someone who even though never had a BDSM relationship and is a virgin, wishes to participate in BDSM activities, including DDLG and explains how their ideal DDLG relationship is.

Now that is out of the way, just like any BDSM relationships are, trust and communication are some of the most important parts, if not the most important.

In my opinion Cg L relationships are the most sensible ones out of all types of BDSM activites.

There is a deep connection and neediness that all participants have.

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