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The highly anticipated revival of the iconic ABC series, which debuted in 1990, is set to premiere Sunday, May 21 on Showtime, meaning we're so damn close to the return of Agent Cooper (Kyle Mac Lachlan), endless slices of pie and a few damn good cups of coffee.

To kick off the final countdown to the 18-episode third season, written and executive produced by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, we've assembled 25 facts about , with Frost explaining, "Long before we moved into the Pacific Northwest, we were playing around with this idea of the plains and a place far away from the world.

Since then she’s appeared in Gossip Girl, Californication and My Own Worst Enemy.

He can be really abstract in his direction, for sure.

TV shows she's been in include Desperate Housewives and One Tree Hill.

Fun fact: she dated David Duchovny in the '90s.

She’s been in CSI: Miami, Gilmore Girls and TV movie The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning.

The mid-‘90s were quiet for Amick, but she bounced back at the end of the decade with a recurring role in Dawson’s Creek.

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  1. It's now about James Franco sexting 17-year old girls and Al Franken taking goofy joke pics of a woman while she's asleep, or 101-year old actor who's rumored to have raped a woman 70 years ago, even though she's been died for 30. It's completely subjective and rnadom at this point, and that's a big problem.[quote]Let's face it. Some of the reactions on this thread just demonstrate how hysterical we've all become about this issue. Complimenting someone (not persistently), laughing at their unfunny jokes, smiling, a light touch on the shoulder (not repeatedly), well received or reciprocating "gentle" teasing, those sorts of things are what I would classify as friendly, harmless flirting.