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Zuko's and Azula's uncle and Ozai's brother, Iroh was once the heir to the Fire Nation throne, a mighty general known as the Dragon Of the West.

After the death of his beloved son Lu Ten, Iroh lost his thirst for conquest and retired.

While he genuinely loved his children, he realized that this was for a greater good and left them behind.

This is an episode list for i Carly listed by date of premiere.

Fire Sage Shyu is the first person from the Fire Nation to ally with and help Avatar Aang and his friends.

He assists Aang in communicating with Aang's past life, Avatar Roku, who was also from the Fire Nation and who blames himself for the Hundred Year War.

When Zhao killed the Moon Spirit, Yue used the life energies the Moon Spirit used to heal her to bring back the moon, losing her life in the process.

She now acts as the new Moon Spirit and occasional Spirit Advisor to Aang. He is the youngest earth king in the city's history, and has unfortunately been the puppet of Long Feng and the Dai Li.

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