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Abed is later asked by Britta to join her and Jeff for what they believed to be a Spanish study group.He in turn invited a number of other students from their class and the study group was born.His mother left his family when he was 6 years old and Abed assumed his father blamed him for it.This created distance between them and resulted in Abed alienating himself further by immersing himself in American pop-culture."Introduction to Film": Abed creates a movie using Jeff and Britta as his father and mother to explain to his father Gobi Nadir how he feels about his parent's divorce."Social Psychology": Abed participates in Professor Ian Duncan's psych experiment at Annie's request and ends up destroying the hypothesis.His father allowed him to enroll at Greendale Community College only so he could take classes which would help Abed one day take over his dad's falafel restaurant.Eventually Abed convinced his father to let him study Film making instead.

Britta convinced Abed to pursue his dreams of making movies and he switched his major to film.

Abed refuses, stating it would be too much of a strain on their relationship.

Although disappointed, Troy ultimately sees the wisdom of Abed's decision and moves in with Pierce instead.

"Advanced Criminal Law": Troy messes with Abed so Abed retaliates by pretending to be an alien.

In the end, they vow to always tell each other the truth going forward.

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