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When I think of couples who seem to have nothing in common, I remember in particular a marriage long ago that was reported in the newspapers.

The wife was a British Lord, (his) husband was his chauffeur, a Black man who was evidently uneducated and of foreign extraction. This royal couple also had a big difference in age, as I remember, but I don’t remember who was older.

Many men would not feel that way if that behavior seemed to have ended in the past.

There are some who could overlook a spouse having worked as a porn star, even a gay porn star.

If such a couple came into my office years later saying they were happily married, I would not be a bit surprised.

And, of course, there are some who seem like a perfect fit at first but who do something unforgiveable during the course of the relationship: an infidelity with a mutual friend, an abandonment for a period of time, a sudden failure of character such as rudeness or vulgarity.

The Jets are off this week, so Tebow must have brought his girlfriend to Florida to introduce her to the parents. She’s been in some terrible movies recently (10,000 BC, When a Stranger Calls), and in 2009 dated a tennis player, Fernando Verdasco, and one of the Jonas brothers.

Finally, all the Tim Tebow-Lindsey Vonn rumors can be put to rest.

Trin definitely put up a fight, but in the end, all of Nattie's blood, sweat and tears paid off. Nattie's big win and Nikki Bellas week of press and promos made Brie want a comeback now more than ever, even if she felt a little discouraged at first."I need to put my big girl pants on and I need to walk into Summer Slam and be like, 'Listen, I'm gonna come back, set the date! That was all the fuel Brie needed to light her fire, "Brie Mode will never be forgotten and Brie Mode is gonna come back," Brie vowed.This is not because I usually hesitate to offer advice—even unsolicited advice—to my patients, but because in matters of romance, no one pays any attention to what I think.Anyone who has served as a confidant to a close friend knows what I am talking about.Apparently this young woman did not regard her boyfriend’s cinematic career as a deal-breaker.However, she objected—as well she might—to his insisting on having sex without a condom.

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I remember a very young couple who had met in a mental hospital.

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