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Into late adulthood and old age, the sex ratio is often highly skewed toward females.Some countries with very high proportions of males to females include...The countries that have the highest proportion of males to females are...Armenia – 10Azerbaijan – 10Georgia – 10India – 10China – 10Albania – 10The United Kingdom and United States have a sex ratio of 10 while Canada has a sex ratio of 10.The introduction of ultrasound machines throughout China in the 1990s led to a sex ratio of up to 10 at birth due to familial and cultural pressure to have one's only child as a male.Shortly after these facts became known, it became illegal for expectant couples to know the gender of their fetus.

The world's current sex ratio is somewhat on the high side – 10.

Scientists are not sure why there are 105 males born for every 100 females around the world.

Some suggestions for this discrepancy are given as: It is possible that over time, nature has compensated for males lost in war and other dangerous activities to better balance the sexes.

The countries with the lowest proportion of males to females are...

Grenada and Liechtenstein – 10Malawi and Barbados – 10The sex ratio among adults (ages 15-64) can be highly variable and is based on migration and death rates (especially due to war).

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