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Whatever outdoor pursuit you enjoy, it is sure to be available at the Whitby West Cliff Beach.

For the real adventure seeker, if you have dive equipment, why not go and explore one of the shipwrecks that are in the shallow waters of West Cliff Bay?

Sloane is adamant that a man who held her hostage and tortured her years ago in Afghanistan and was believed to have been killed following her rescue, is alive and in D. Now, Vance and Gibbs fear Sloane is willing to risk everything to destroy him. And my best friend is still the most popular guy in school who encourages... Also click the link to the side and admire a cover that @-destiel- made for me : D She doesn't make covers by request but I really liked this one so I figured I'd show it off to y'all. "Now you're just being petty," she responds with a sigh. if you guys get it to 250, I'll update the next chapter (it's a long, interesting one) as soon as that happens. i have to study for finals this week so i'm not going to be able to do much writing or editing. Dominic, West, and Jack are a couple tables over, talking a little over regular volume. "I'm not going to be the first one to speak to him," I retort.The Yorkshire Dales is extremely diverse, with beautiful stone-built villages, lakes, and moorland.Finding someone who is “outdoorsy” and wanting to enjoy the countryside lifestyle is a must..

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As I'm throwing away the trash, I see the guys leaving. "I'm just saying, we could've talked it out on Friday night but you chose Eli," he explains.

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