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“How To Meet, Date and Seduce Athletic Women” by Lori Victoria Braun Purchase the Paperback Book on Amazon Now Download the Kindle Version Now Download the Audiobook(3 Hours 17 Minutes) on Send Owl Now When we commit to regular workouts that raise our heart rate and get us moving and sweating for a sustained period of time, magical things happen to our mind and body.

We start to think more clearly, feel better about ourselves, and even build buffers against age-related cognitive decline. But cardio may have other less obvious benefits as well.

Could an inadequate calorie intake be the root cause of your health problems?

Activities like running and swimming also increase overall blood flow and provide our minds with fresh energy and oxygen — another factor that could help us feel better.Cheap, low quality food surrounds us, and there’s not enough time in the world to exercise away all the excess calories that exist in our food supply. While most people would find it hard to believe that many of the health problems people experience when going Paleo is from a lack of calories and appropriate macronutrients, I’ve seen it in my Could something as simple as under-eating be causing your health problems?Could inadequate food intake be the reason why your Paleo diet suddenly isn’t working for you anymore?These concentrations soared in the lean participants, and picked up modestly among those in the obese group.“The bottom line is that there are clear differences in how the microbiome of somebody who is obese versus somebody who is lean responds to exercise,” Woods said.

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