Dating a catholic guy

Dating within the Catholic circle can be somewhat of a tricky, awkward, and frustrating experience.The problem stems from different sources, from the self-destructive messages we receive from the pop culture, the contradictory advice from mentors, speakers, and friends, and the prevailing attitude of passivity among millennials in general.I’m going to write a bit about the insecurities we ladies encounter in the dating world, and the common mistakes we make. But I do want to attempt it if only to show that we are not alone out there trying to figure it out in all this muck.It’s important especially since the rate of Catholic marriages and infant baptism has decreased significantly, and we need more strong Catholic families if we want to set the world ablaze!

The series is ongoing until the end of the month, and I hope he’ll address a couple of things that he’s yet to bring up. So far, the reasons he’s brought up are: Fear of rejection: This is the most obvious answer.Pray for more courage among our men, but don’t be the one to initiate anything.This can set an awful tone for the entire relationship, in which you will have to always take the lead and therefore put on an unfair burden on yourselves.To this, I say, nothing worth doing is going to be easy.And I also want to point out again to the ladies that we shouldn’t be the ones to pursue.

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