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I used to blame my dating difficulties on comedy itself — I told myself I couldn’t date because of my busy schedule. I actually spend a lot of time just drinking seltzer water and staring out of windows. Some people think that dating is worth the risk of rejection — those same people will try to tell you that it’s important to do your best no matter what. Here are a few reasons why: My emotions are safe and protected. This is super-convenient, because rejection feels terrible.

I can maintain a banana cycle continuously for years at a time if I’m single.Now, let’s say I start dating a girl and she eats one of those bananas. Another upside of being single is that I can get as much sleep as I want.Now I have to figure out if that was a Tuesday or a Wednesday banana. I don’t need to coordinate my sleep schedules with another person. In fact, I’m closing my eyes as I write this and nobody can stop me.However, being single gives me a convenient excuse to mope around.If I were in a relationship and sad, my friends might say, “Hey, why are you so bummed out when things are going well?

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