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In her second year she saw Nurse Paul Flowers, and in her fourth year she saw Jake, but neither panned out.She revealed to Carla that before Sacred Heart she had never had an orgasm, but in a previous episode, she contradicts this with a story about how several guys posed for their high school yearbooks using her "orgasm face" (assuming she wasn't faking it in high school).Elliot gives differing stories for her sexual experience.

By this time, Elliot has been pregnant for months with their child Carla Espinosa and Elliot are best friends, who connect strongly based on their gender.

After a rocky start due to Elliot's standoffish, seemingly rude attitude to Carla, Carla and Elliot soon become resources for each other in the male-dominated Sacred Heart. They often share advice with each other, although Carla seems to give more to Elliot than Elliot returns. and Carla meant that he was usually present when Elliot was conversing with either of them. when they first came to Sacred Heart, but her knowledge and ability have spoken better than her babbling can Elliot is the only weakness of the Janitor because she actually treats him like a person.

Elliot is more independent in her career than in her personal life, and some of her decisions have left Carla angry Christopher Turk and Elliot grew out of mutual friends into a full-blown friendship. They share secret handshakes, dances, and other traditions with each other Dr. Janitor never really pranks Elliot because he is too focused on J.

I probably ended up in medicine because I wanted to take care of the whole world. She began as an intern at the original Sacred Heart, where she continued her residency. Kelso, but developed into a competent doctor and they now professionally respect her, even if they find her personality grating.

But here is the crazy thing about being a doctor: you can't even take care of a single patient unless you learn how to take care of yourself first. She left briefly to pursue a fellowship but ended up back at Sacred Heart, where she shortly after entered private practice. She has never had trouble getting the attention of The Janitor, who has always had a fancy for her.

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