Dating a female player

Plus acting just as childish as a player only makes you look silly.To me its important how I treat people, and knowing I can sleep at night because I did well Finally!

K this is the deal, I've always been a "nice" girl. I got this guy i'm interested in, i know he's a big player, We have had some involvment but mostly just hanky panky.

Just look for that critical point where you think he's had enough, then get his interest back by doing something incredibly slutty.

a good one might be to wear a tight-fitting pair of Daisy-Dukes without underwear, and pick an oppurtune time to bend over in front of him.

games are games, if you do not like them then dont date.

I would recommend zero hanky pank for at least 6 or 7 or more dates, until he says, "I have taken my profile down and want you to do the same.", OR I would wait till marriage with you to DO IT. Most true players I know, are still very happy people that dont like to argue.

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