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This enigmatic mix of civilizations and cultures renders to the current Lebanese population a degree of uniqueness.Lebanon’s population is made up of several ethnic groups: Arab 95%, Armenian 4%, other 1% ~ The Arabs left the deepest mark on Lebanese culture and from them the Lebanese took their language.Against Damascus, Cairo, and Baghdad, and especially in contrast to cities such as Riyadh, the views of the Lebanese tend to be more lax towards men-women relations, and even an opening tolerance towards homosexuality. French, Greek, Armenian and English are also widely spoken and understood.Many Lebanese in fact speak a of some combination of these five languages, most commonly an Arabic-French mixture.This picture is seen most clearly in Lebanon, a land of complete contrasts, and a land that cannot be defined by one culture alone, except if one were to bring them altogether and classify them as 'Lebanese'.Language, food, music, arts and various cultural facets are local Lebanese and performed practically all in Arabic.Although this show is considered a strip show and negatively reviewed, but I’m sure a lot of Lebanese are watching and enjoying it, regardless of its bad impact on the Lebanese society and its bad image of Lebanon in the Arab world.

Close family relationships, loyalty to family and friends, and honor are extremely important.Other early influences came from the Crusaders and the Turks.Modern Western influence arrived when Lebanon became a French Protectorate early in the twentieth century.Fathers and elder males are the heads of the family.Shame is avoided at all costs and insults are taken very seriously. Generally they will insist on paying for a meal, in which case it would be inappropriate to decline the invitation. Religion is highly respected and coveted in Lebanese society.

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