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Several days or even weeks may need to pass before lithium's full therapeutic effects are apparent.Due to this lag time, other drugs are frequently administered to handle the acute phases of bipolar disorder mood episodes.To avoid lithium toxicity, the patient must undergo regular blood monitoring to measure levels of lithium and make sure that they remain within an acceptable dose range.Blood lithium levels need to be monitored closely and most frequently during the early stages of bipolar disorder treatment.Patients starting lithium maintenance therapy should make their prescribing psychiatrist aware of any additional medications that they may be taking.Even taking a simple Ibuprofen (e.g., Advil(R)) can potentially lead to problems.Since kidney function is essential to clearing lithium from the system (so as to avoid lithium toxicity) this test is particularly important before prescribing lithium to a patient.

In many ways it remains the best and most effective mood stabilizer available.Regular monitoring of thyroid hormones is thus essential when taking lithium (in addition to regular monitoring of lithium blood toxicity levels).If a patient responds well to lithium treatment, then lithium is typically continued and depleted thyroid hormones are replaced or supplemented pharmaceutically.Although lithium is often used during manic episodes, it is also proven to help patients during depressive episodes.Lithium is usually prescribed in conjunction with other bipolar medications, because its effects are not instant or quick, but rather take some time to build up.

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