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The real guilt I have is that I feel our budding friendship is just not balanced.

He gave me ridiculously expensive gilfts for Christmas and all I could afford was a tie.

When I dated mine, everyone confirmed their thoughts that I am a gold-digger.

He's the cream of the crop, while I'm really below-average in all areas.

He is older than me, and white, which brings in the race angle to my answer.

I am a 25F, recently graduated and in a lot of debt.

Wearing hand-me-downs and footwear that has been falling apart for years which I couldn’t bear to replace. The most common response when I asked if there was anything I could give in return was just a stumped look and a ‘I never thought of getting anything in return.’ I guess if a person loves you they do their best within their capabilities without ever thinking of anything in return.

I swear I am not a gold-digger, and I was honestly quite reluctant when he first asked me out.In some cases, people with money tend to think that they can use it to "help" (or in harsher words "manipulate") people around them.Just like a pretty woman has power with her looks, rich people have power with their money.He dated you knowing you weren't as well off as he is. They like to be worshiped but are paradoxically intimidated or feel inferior by such acts.He can do things that you can't, and you can do things that he can't do. Men care about the consistent small actions, all they want is to be appreciated.

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Dating a rich guy can mean being bossed over and being called names when you mess up.., he wouldn't mince his words.actually called me stupid and dumb in front of my friends one time.

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