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Such individuals gain the status of king or chief, and are often appointed to local or national positions of leadership, such as in the National House of Traditional Leaders (South Africa), or as the royal representative in Lesotho's parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

South Sotho religious systems center on MODIMO, who is believed to have created the universe, yet remains a distant spiritual entity.

During this time, numerous events were taking place across southern Africa involving multiple cultures - both African and Western - that historians have labeled as the difaqane, or "the scattering." The result of these events led to the disruption, migration, and extermination of many cultures throughout the region.

Because South Sotho populations were separated from the eastern lowlands of southern Africa by the immense Drakensburg mountain range, the central interior (Basutoland) served as a natural refuge for disenfranchised peoples who were fleeing from the chaos of the East.

Other forms: Benji, Benyamin, Ben, Benu Bercan – (Gaelic) Spear Berk – (English) Birch clearing Bert – (Germanic) Bright Bevis – (French) Beautiful outlook Bheka – (African) To take care of Bheka – (Zulu) Behold Bhekinkosi – (Xhosa) Look up to the Lord Bhekisisa – (Zulu) To be careful, cautious Bhekithemba – (Zulu) Look after hope/look for hope Bhekizizwe – (Zulu) Look after the nations Bhutana – (Xhosa) Little brother Bhutana – (Xhosa) Little brother Bingham – (Old English) Crib Birk – (English) Birch Blair – (Scottish/Gaelic) From the fields Blake – (English) Dark; bright Blaz – (Old German) Unwavering protector Bokang – (Sesotho) Praise; rejoice Bongani – (Xhosa) Be thankful Bonginkosi – (Xhosa) Thank God Bonginkosi – (Xhosa) Thank the Lord Bourne – (English) Spring; stream Bradburn – (English) Broad stream Braden – (English) Broad; wide Bradley – (English) Broad wood Bram – (Hebrew) Father of many.During this period, Moshoeshoe I was a minor South Sotho chief residing in his father's village of Menkhoaneng in the northwest region of present day Lesotho.As the events of the difaqane continued to unfold, Moshoeshoe I asserted himself as a diplomat and proficient leader by allowing any disparate peoples to settle under his protection and oversight.Through the support of his growing community, he was elevated to the status of Morena (king), and successfully guided his newly formed polity through the turbulent events of the 19th century.In order to protect his people's interests throughout the Caledon River Valley, Moshoeshoe I enacted numerous acts of diplomacy that displayed the far-sighted wisdom that he has became famous for, engaging with surrounding indigenous populations, as well as representatives from the British Empire and the Afrikaans Orange Free State.

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