Dating a virgo man with aquarius woman

Moreover: Even though he is always attracted to new and unusual feelings (Uranus, the planet of the unexpected shows his influence), he is basically faithful.

If he flirts occasionally, it´s only because the unknown makes him curious.

He is restless and always looking for the perfect mate. Who finally marries him will appreciate what a great catch they made.

For the Aquarius, the bed is like a stage, and he rarely plays two scenes in the same way.

He has an unusual talent to convince others, and will try to do so if he sees a reason to.

If he argues with you, this may be a form of appreciation.

One might suspect him to be a true artist regarding his patient approach, if only he had less of a tendency to consult the preliminaries for too long. He can devote foreplay with such enthusiasm that he actually loses the climax out of eyesight.

In bed the Aquarius man sometimes lacks decisiveness.

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As an Aquarius friend of mine once said: “You can travel around the world, and you will not find a memorial to a man who has favored the status quo. His independence is often the unfortunate consequence of him not being able to developing a really deep friendship, despite having a large circle of superficial friends.

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