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The problem is compounded by the fact that synagogues and Jewish community organizations are populated primarily by married Jews, and they focus mainly on serving the needs of those members.

As a result, we are losing the very people we should be trying to attract.

In addition, many never-married men have not confronted the commitment-related fears or other issues which have kept them single.

You are absolutely right -- many Jewish communities are insensitive to the needs of single men and women, who represent 40 percent of Jewish adults in certain geographic areas.In fact, I was surprised to see how many Jewish women were at the church singles event.These were women I knew from Jewish singles events who were going to church events for the same reason as I.Finally, although a number of 40-plus bachelors with the "right" qualifications may have finally decided to settle down, those with a strong desire for children may prefer to date younger women.This may be less true of a man widowed or divorced. (Which is a whole 'nother story...) Singles events are a good social outlet, and while they have their share of success stories, they are not the best way to meet a prospective date.

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However, you must face certain facts: The older a man or woman is, the more difficult it may be to open up to a date and develop emotional closeness.

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