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Although she claimed no other sexual conduct had taken place. She described the incident to the Washington Post stating I wanted it over with. The age of consent in Alabama 16 women are alleging that more pursued romantic relationships with them and one allegation involve kissing and only kissing and will go into all the details of all this in a second but joining us now is the Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore. MOORE: Well I mean I'm saying that in their statements that they made these two young girls said their mother actually encouraged them to be friends with me. HANNITY: Continued Judge Roy Moore responding to the Washington Post and the headline woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14 and he was 32. HANNITY: Judge Moore thank you for taking the time and we appreciate you giving your side we believe in being fair and balanced. Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell says if the allegations are true, Moore should leave the race.

I never provided alcohol, beer or intoxicating liquor to a minor.

Alabama abolished common-law marriage on January 1, 2017, but a valid common-law marriage entered into before January 1, 2017, shall continue to be valid in Alabama.

We have determined that the Claimant has presented sufficient proof that she and NH established a common-law marriage in Alabama in 2002.

The Claimant also alleged a common-law marriage with the NH beginning in 2002. DISCUSSION A claimant may be eligible for WIB if the claimant is the widow of an individual who died fully insured.

This is the goal to get to the truth in light of all of these people that we have mentioned from Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck and Dustin Hoffman and the list goes on and on and on. And on one occasion the woman alleges that Moore kissed her and during another she says that Moore allegedly inappropriately touched her and asked her to. Just get it over with and the woman says she has more to take her home which he did. This is this is really hard to get on the radio and explain this and as these allegations are just completely false. Let's start with what they talked about that you had struck up a conversation with this young woman who was 14 Leigh Corfman and her mother says that you offered to watch the girl while the mother went inside for a custody hearing which they confirmed it actually happened at that time. I do recognize however the names of two these young ladies, Debbie Wesson and Gloria Thacker, which they have a maiden...that's their maiden name. In fact, her allegations contradict the whole behavior pattern of the other two young ladies who even witnessed yourself. But then the alleged things that are completely untrue. I never met this woman and these charges are politically motivated and they're there to do exactly what they're doing. I would put you in the same position you would feel just like me. The Washington Post has attacked my foundation, they've attacked my wife and now they're attacking me personally on a sexual matter. Breitbart's Joel Pollak told MSNBC's Ali Velshi if the allegation published in The Washington Post that Alabama Republican candidate for Senate Roy Moore had a relationship with a 14-year-old girl is true it is "very serious" and "problematic." However, Pollak said the other alleged...

And he took off her shirt and pants and then guided her hand to touch him. And you have three other women also accusing Moore of misconduct back in the 70s while they were teenagers raging in age from 16 to 18 years old. HANNITY: You mentioned you'd never go out with any young girl I assume you meant like when you were 32 at that time of your life, would you always ask the permission of the parent before you would take a girl out? I wasn't privy to their conversation but obviously we never had any sexual activity. And the behavior was all together appropriate according to them. And I'll just give you the microphone about how they should view the Washington Post these people making these charges and your denial. MOORE: Well I think they should see it as it really is, and that's 40 years I've been in the the public eye. I don't know what's coming next but I'm sure that in the next four weeks they're going to come out with another article because they've got an agenda and they're fulfilling their agenda right as we speak. MSNBC: Roy Moore is accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old when he was a 32-year-old assistant District Attorney.

NH's brother opined that NH and Claimant maintained a home and lived together as husband and wife, and to his knowledge, they lived together continuously. §§ 404.335(a)(1), 404.345; Program Operations Manual System (POMS) GN 00305.001A.2.a; POMS RS 00207.001A.1.a.1. SSA records show that NH was a resident of Alabama when he died. The elements of a valid Alabama common-law marriage are: (1) the capacity to marry; (2) a present agreement or mutual consent to enter into the marriage relationship; (3) public recognition of the existence of the marriage; and (4) cohabitation or mutual assumption openly of marital duties and obligations.

NH's brother stated that NH and Claimant "lived together and took care of each other as any husband and wife would." NH's friend indicated that he heard NH and Claimant refer to each other as husband and wife whenever he would visit them or they would visit him. § 404.335(a)(1); POMS GN 00305.100A.1; POMS RS 00207.001A.1.a.2.

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Sean Hannity interviewed embattled Alabama Republican Senate Roy Moore on the Friday edition of his nationally syndicated radio show and grilled him about accusations of sexual conduct with underage girls. That'd be against the law and against anything I would have ever done.

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