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....Sterling is still 10 per cent down against the euro since the referendum.It has recovered 5 per cent in November, which means all those warnings about higher prices may need to be revised.....For much of 2016 policymakers, including the Prime Minister Theresa May, fretted about low and negative interest rates and subdued bond returns suggesting deflation and slump.But in the few days since Trumponomics arrived on the scene yields - interest rate returns - on American, UK German and Japanese debt have zipped up from record lows.European politicians and officials are fond of saying that Britain cannot have a 'pick and choose' Brexit.

Green partly relied on the reputation of Grant Thornton for due diligence done on Dominic Chappell and his Retail Acquisitions Group before selling BHS for £1.The asking of that question, the existence of the safety net, the collapse of GB Energy, and what happens next, all combines to tell an interesting story about Britain's energy market. ....Every time I use online banking to pay a bill or transfer cash, it fills me with dread.You need only get one digit wrong and your money could disappear into someone else's account.....There will be many reasons some Americans voted for Trump (and Brexit).But I believe the great economic insecurity and a perception of unfairness is the underlying cause.

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