Dating and marriage customs in germany

In Germany, the couple has to give a six-week notice to the city of their intended marriage.If not, the civil ceremony may take place in the city hall, usually with only two witnesses and the parents (Marriage 2005).The broken pieces are thought to grant them a happy, lucky life.The German proverb Scherben bringen Gluckwhich can be translated as Broken crockery brings you luck, is derived from this custom (Marriage 2005).Then, the bride and groom share their first dance togetherit is traditionally the waltz (Marriage 2005). The next dance is for the bride and her father and the groom and his mother, while the brides mother dances with the grooms father (German Wedding Traditions, Part 1 2004). "A wedding party gathers after the civil ceremony at the Berlin-Kpenick city hall.

This is because in Germany it is not legal to marry only in a church ceremony.

The bride typically wears a white gown without a train.

The veils are generally fingertip length and seldom wore over the brides face when she walks down the aisle (German Wedding Traditions, Part 2 2004).

There are no elaborate wedding parties like in the United States (St. Furthermore, wedding bands are worn on the couples right hands (Phelan 2005).

Today, both parents and the couple itself share the costs of the wedding, rather than only the father of the bride (German Wedding Traditions, Part 1 2004).

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