Dating at the age of 14

Worse news: The team doesn't know if there are flowstones age of the fossils.Their plan is to use radar to visualize the floor of the chamber and work out where they can take samples from its very bottom.

Everyone from professional paleontologists to interested members of the public raised the same question: Why hadn’t the team dated the fossils yet?

We know a lot about the history of these reversals, which we can use to date layers of magnetic sediment.

The Rising Star team is going to try this approach, but it’s laborious work that will take a lot of time. They’re all challenging and they all depend on luck, on specimens being preserved in just the right way, or in just the right rocks, or in just the right timeframe.“People want to know why this is a problem? “Little Foot is the best example.” He’s talking about an skeleton that was found in South Africa’s Sterkfontein cave in the 1990s.

The study of ancient DNA has repeatedly revolutionized our understanding of human evolution, revealing the presence of Neanderthal DNA in all modern humans outside Africa, and the existence of an entirely new hominin species—the Denisovans.

’s DNA would reveal its evolutionary relationships to ourselves and other ancient humans.“We're investigating it, but it’s not a hopeful scenario,” says Hawks.

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That was certainly the case for , the hominid that Lee Berger discovered in another South African cave in 2008. It's the best-dated site in South Africa.” fossils, which should hint at their minimum age.

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